More than 151000 sq. ft. of manufacturing and delivery facilities, our excelent quality, efficiency and service are delivered by more than 390 qualified associates.

Our main strength is our skilled personnel

We are a Mexican company dedicated to manufacturing oils, greases, and specialized products for all types of INDUSTRY that was founded than 65 years ago and have been a part of the GONHER group since 1991.

  • Production line with certified processes.
  • Products certified by national and international certification bodies.
  • Certified laboratory for analyzing lubricants

We currently produce:

- Industrial oils; passenger car motor oils; synthetic, metalworking, and dielectric oils.

- Greases: lithium, lithium complex, moly lithium, calcium, calcium complex, calcium sulfonate, bentone, aluminum complex, and synthetic greases.

- Coolant for passenger cars and heavy-duty engines with SCA, organic acids (OAT).

- Hand Sanitizer.


Our mission is to achieve the total satisfaction of our customers, distributors, and companies with quality products.


To be the leading company in the national market and to promote our brands to serve the industrial, self-service, automotive, and specialized markets. Our commitment to achieve this involves being at the forefront in terms of productivity, service, quality, and technology around the world.


Quality and productivity

Team work


Customer service and support

Personnel Development



Service policy

Our Service Policy is aimed at meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations, by employing our Quality Management System with a process-based approach that increases satisfaction and compliance with all our customers’ requirements.


Products for industry


Lubricants for machinery with all kinds of processes and applications.

Plastics industries

Lubricants specialized for injection equipment configurations and the high performance that these processes demand.


Protection and care for equipment subjected to hostile operating and working conditions.

Sugar mills

Products specialized for the workloads and continuous processes characteristic of this industry.


Conservation of engines and auxiliary equipment of locomotives


Applications subjected to conditions of contamination and stress in each of its processes.


Products developed for the protection of off-road equipment.

Pulp and PAPER

Lubricants for each step of the paper process.

Electrical industry

Transformer oil or insulating oil is stable at high temperatures and has excellent electrical insulating properties.


Suitable formulations for each type of machine and different metals used in the industry


Liquid made according to changes in technology in the automotive world.

Heavy duty engines oil

Made to protect transportation equipment at risk due to changing road conditions around the globe


Products for use in different types of motorcycle and small engines

Recreational Marine Vessels

Products for use in different types of submerged engines

We could be your ideal business partner

Measuring over 14,000 square meters, our facilities integrate a production area, a development oil lab, and a distribution warehouse.


We have developed over 85 PROJECTS in the last 5 years, both in the country and abroad.


BUSINESS value proposition is backed by 65 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE


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