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Designed for processes that require lubrication with excellent characteristics of resistance to corrosion, oxidation, extreme pressure, adhesiveness, washing by water, prolonged application service, etc.


Hydraulic oils are fluids designed to transmit power, in addition to providing the hydraulic system with excellent protection against wear, oxidation, rust and corrosion.


Our different series of gear oils are formulated with state-of-the-art technology reinforced with additives that give them the characteristics required for a wide range of industrial gears operating under moderate to severe service conditions.


Oils formulated for the lubrication of machinery and pneumatic tools, which must comply with anti-wear and anti-rust characteristics to extend the useful life of this equipment.

Passenger Oils

Lubral has designed mineral, semi-synthetic and synthetic gasoline engine oils, formulated with specific additives that give them physical and chemical characteristics that intensify their lubricating power, durability and less maintenance. These oils comply with API and SAE J300 Standards for different API classifications (API SP, SN PLUS and SL) and SAE viscosity grades (multigrade and monograde). For this reason, Lubral oils have a safe quality and the right thickness for the correct operation of your engine.

Concrete Release Agent

Mixture of mineral oils and refined solvents with polar additives to improve the release action of metal / wood / plastic parts with concrete. Due to the nature of its additives, it remains between surfaces, facilitating removal from the mold, and it is also inert to surfaces and materials commonly used in construction, so it does not stain and can be easily cleaned.

Heavy Duty

Oils and lubricants for heavy duty vehicles.


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