• Category: Industrial
  • Application:Gearbox

LUBRAL SUGAR MILL is specifically designed for lubricating heavy load Open Gears; formulated with high-viscosity synthetic bases and cutting-edge extreme pressure technology for the most demanding lubrication requirements, such as bearings and crown-pinion gear set. Their stability in shear conditions, thickness, and adhesiveness combine to form a strong film that protects against water washout and dust contamination. The chemical composition of its extreme pressure additives (asphalt-free) mitigates wear caused by contacting metals in boundary lubrication conditions without damaging yellow metal pieces. Furthermore, our LUBRAL SUGAR MILL product line is clear colored, which facilitates the visual inspection of gear cogs. The long-term advantages of using this product line are clear, as it leads to savings for early maintenance, clean conditions, avoiding production stoppages and environmental damage.


Specifically designed for lubricating friction bearings, crown gears, ball bearings, and open and enclosed gears used in sugar mills, mining, construction, among others, that are subjected to extreme load conditions.

PROPERTIES ISO 16000 ISO 22000 ISO 30000
ID 1514574 1514555 1514575
ISO Grade 16000 22000 30000
Color Amber Amber Amber
Appearance Bright Bright Bright
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40° C cSt 16000 22000 30000
Viscosity Index 193 211 235
Flash Point COC °C 180 175 170
Density @20°C, g/ml 0.89 0.89 0.897
Rust Test Pass Pass Pass
Weld load, Kgf 800 800 800
Copper strip Corrosion, 3 hrs. a 100°C 1a 1a 1a
Foam Tendencies ml, max.
Sequence I 20/0 20/0 20/0
Sequence II 50/0 50/0 50/0
Sequence III 20/0 20/0 20/0
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*Typical Characteristics are those obtained with normal tolerance of production and no constitute a specification.


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