• Category: Oils
  • Application: Industrial

The Lubral Morgsteel product line is a premium circulation lubricants line, developed with high-quality mineral oils and an additive package that provide high resistance to oxidation and sludge formation during rolling mill service operations. Furthermore, these products can release water (demulsibility), air, and other contaminants, thus improving the system’s cleanness. This is particularly important in MORGOIL® bearing lubrication systems, which have small oil deposits and require a lubricant that can separate water and other contaminants quickly, due to the low staying periods of the lubricant. Lubral Morgsteel meets and exceeds the specifications set forth by MORGOIL® Advanced Lubricant (Super Demulsibility).


Recommended for lubricating ball bearings in the circulating systems of steel roller mills, backup roller bearings in rolling mills, particularly the bearing systems found in MORGOIL® products.

PROPERTIES 1700 2500 3000
ID 1521876 1510770 1510355
ISO Grade 320 460 680
Color ASTM 2.5 3.0 3.0
Appearance Bright Bright Bright
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40°C, cSt 320 460 680
Viscosity Index 100 100 100
Flash point °C 268 284 296
Demulsibility oil - water - emulsion, ml/30 min. 40-37-3 40-37-3 40-37-3
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*Typical Characteristics are those obtained with normal tolerance of production and no constitute a specification.


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